Support Subscriptions

In the dynamic world of business communications, having a reliable and efficient system is paramount. That’s why at Issabel, we offer support subscriptions designed to keep your communication system in peak condition.

Our support service ensures that any issues arising with your Issabel implementation are resolved swiftly and efficiently, allowing you to return to normal operations and continue your business activities without delay.

Issabel support subscriptions are tailored to meet the needs of every business, offering everything from basic to premium support options, including access to experts via chat, email, and phone. With flexible plans ranging from 10 to 30 hours of support, server monitoring, and the option of 24/7 support for our premium subscribers, we are here to ensure that your communication system works for you, maximizing efficiency and minimizing disruptions.

General information about this support

  • A support subscription is processed for Issabel implementations that are operating normally and require ensuring their availability for eventualities.
  • Support covers all stable available versions of Issabel. The level of support largely depends on the version installed on the operational server. Recent versions have the highest level of support, while older versions have limited support.
  • Support does not include the review of third-party software or networking-related issues. If during the case investigation it is determined that there are problems related to third-party software or networking setups, the support staff will issue a report to the client indicating the problem and suggesting contact with the manufacturers or developers.
  • Any bug-related solution will be released by our development team with available patches. Issabel is not responsible for bugs in Asterisk or third-party software.
  • If the reported issue is related to an Asterisk bug, the support engineer will inform the client and register the issue in the Asterisk bug tracker. The issue will be resolved when a solution is available.
  • This support is not a valid method for developing Issabel functionalities. Any requirement that involves development should be requested and will be escalated to our development team. This work will follow the policies and procedures of this area.
  • If you require support for third-party hardware, it is possible that our technical team may need time for research. In this case, the support engineer will estimate the time, if necessary, and will inform you if any additional time is required.
  • Time related to research will be deducted from the total amount of support hours.
  • If the issue is hardware-related, the support engineer will inform the customer to initiate an RMA process with the manufacturer. If the issue is related to Issabel products, the support engineer will instruct the customer with the proper procedure to start the RMA process.
  • Supported Hardware: Issabel hardware products are supported by default. For telephony integration, the support will only cover Issabel Certified Appliances.
  • If the hardware is not certified, it could result in the support engineer conducting research into it.
  • Remote access requirement: The user must enable SSH access (port 22) and web access (port 443) to the Issabel server that must be configured.
  • This should be done before the support attention to avoid wasting time. The use of remote access software is also valid. Check the FAQs for more information.
  • Our support engineers can only provide suggestions for changes to the client’s network configuration. These suggestions will be related to solving any networking issue at the time of support.
  • Our support engineers will not perform any network configuration at any time.

Once the client purchases support, the Issabel Engineering department registers the client with the Issabel support helpdesk and sends the client access information and procedures for raising a ticket.

During the validity period of the support, the client may open as many tickets as necessary.

Support is conducted through this helpdesk in an asynchronous format, notifying the client by email when a response is available to proceed. Through this secure medium, the client can share requirements and access information so that the Issabel team can work smoothly on the support.

Once communication with our support team is established, we will escalate the issue to chat or phone if necessary, depending on the type of subscription.

We recommend contacting our sales team to learn more about the support process, its scope, and any important details that will help you make an informed decision when purchasing your subscription.

Available Subscription Plans


$1200 USD


$2500 USD


$4300 USD

* The 8×5 schedule maximum initial response time. In 24×7 schedule the initial response time is 4 hours.
** SLA: Service Level Agreement
Note: The Community Call Center Module has reached the end of its life. Limited or non support is available for this module.


What exactly does an Issabel support subscription include?

Our support subscriptions include priority incident response, access to experts via chat, email, and phone, depending on the subscription level. Pro and Premium plans include server monitoring. Additionally, Premium subscribers enjoy 24/7 support.

Priority is established based on the subscription level. Premium subscription customers receive the highest priority, followed by Pro, and then Basic customers. This ensures a swift response, especially for critical situations.

If you need more support hours, we offer the option to purchase additional hours at an exclusive discount for subscribers, varying by your subscription level: 8% for Basic, 10% for Pro, and 12% for Premium

Yes, you can switch plans at any time. If you decide to upgrade in the middle of your billing cycle, you will only pay the proportional difference for the remainder of the period.

For those who need support on an occasional basis, our regular on-demand support service may be the ideal option. You’ll pay only for the support you need, with no long-term commitments. Keep in mind, this service does not include the additional benefits or the priority response offered with subscriptions.