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You can support the Issabel project by making a monetary contribution. The amount is up to you.

By contributing, you encourage the continuous development of the platform. To facilitate contributions, we use Patreon, a platform that allows creators and projects to receive regular financial support from their followers. This helps us to maintain and constantly improve Issabel.

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A Compelling Reason to Sponsor

At Issabel, we are passionately committed to leading open-source software innovation. Our specialized team works tirelessly to develop and maintain the Issabel IPPBX solution, ensuring it is always up-to-date and freely available for download and use without licensing costs. This commitment to open source allows users around the world to benefit from a robust and accessible unified communications platform.

By sponsoring Issabel, you directly support these efforts and contribute to our ability to continue offering Issabel for free, while we also develop additional solutions that complement and enrich our product ecosystem. This not only keeps the software free and open but also ensures the sustainability of the project and the availability of high-quality support and enhancements for all our users.

World Wide Support

Issabel is distributed globally through a network of franchises. Here we present our main resellers around the world, who also play a crucial role as sponsors of Issabel.

Thanks to their ongoing support, Issabel can expand and reach every corner of the planet, providing unified communications solutions to a wide variety of users.