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This is the list for those who want to stay updated on community topics, addons, new versions, and to allow the community to get to know them.


You’ll have the opportunity to receive information from our top community developers. We will send you the latest information on addons, bugs, new versions of Issabel, and any issues you may have but didn’t know how to resolve. Let the Issabel community help you achieve your goals with the best advice.

  • Get involved with the latest news surrounding the Issabel community
  • Get Information of coming Events
  • Get to know other members of the community
  • Get information about upcoming versions of Issabel
  • Get information about the latest addons

Get Issabel News!

Issabel is founded by both. Corporate and Individual Sponsors

You can support the Issabel project by making a monetary contribution.

The amount is at your discretion.

By contributing, you help encourage the continued development of the platform. Click the button below to be redirected to the secure Patreon website and subscribe to make a monthly contribution to the project.

Other ways to Contribute to the Issabel Project


Creating documentation is a fantastic way to support the community. The information about this project is so extensive that you might know something that the rest of the community doesn’t. This is a way to assist others in resolving small issues.

You can share servers with us from around the world, so we can have the Issabel Repo in different countries and make it accessible to everyone.

In the forum, there are a lot of topics. You can help other members of the community by responding to their questions or issues.

You can help us generate more content on social media. If you connect with other developers, please share it on your accounts, mentioning @IssabelIP. Also, don’t forget to follow us and share our content on social media.

Throughout the world, we will be organizing events. We do this for the community so that they can receive the recognition they deserve. We hope for your support at all of these events.

If you have a group of co-workers or members of the community who gather solely for development and discussion, please don’t forget to inform us. We will notify the community about your event so that we can begin to get to know each member of the various groups.

To contribute, please fill out the FORM BELOW, and we will get in touch with you.

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