Issabel Network

Advanced monitoring for your communication system

What is Issabel Network?

Issabel Network is an advanced management and monitoring platform designed for Issabel-based systems.

Serving as an installable add-on from the Issabel administrative interface, it provides administrators with a suite of tools to monitor server performance in real-time, receive customized alerts for any anomalies, and perform automatic cloud backups to ensure business continuity.

With innovative monitoring and notification capabilities, Issabel Network offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for maintaining optimal functionality of enterprise communication systems.

Features at a Glance

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Empower your business communication management

Enhance your admin experience

Issabel Network offers a range of features that would be extremely useful for an Issabel administrator. Some of these features include:

  1. Real-time server monitoring: It allows administrators to monitor server performance in real-time, enabling them to quickly detect and resolve issues.
  2. Customizable alerts: Issabel Network enables setting up customized alerts for important events such as system crashes or resource overloads, allowing administrators to stay informed of critical issues.
  3. Automatic cloud backups: The ability to perform automatic backups in the cloud ensures that critical data is protected and accessible in case of a system failure.
  4. Intuitive and centralized interface: The Issabel Network interface is user-friendly and centralized, making it easy for administrators to manage all aspects of their communication system from one place.

Issabel Network provides the necessary tools and functionalities for an Issabel administrator to efficiently manage their communication system and keep it running optimally.

Get more with Issabel Add-Ons

Furthermore, upon activating an Issabel Network license, you unlock a variety of Add-Ons modules that enhance management capabilities, including the ability to re-brand your Issabel installation with your logo and corporate colors. 

These Add-Ons include the following:

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How is the initial installation and setup of Issabel Network performed?

From the Issabel admin interface, you navigate to the add-ons menu, click on the add-ons section, and then on the Issabel Network Agent application, you click on the install button, that’s it.

Once you have purchased the license, you navigate to the Issabel admin interface, go to the add-ons menu, and then to the license manager section. There, you generate a new record and add the key.

Any installation of Issabel from version 4 onwards supports Issabel Network. It’s necessary to register your deployment to generate an account on, which is the platform for configuring and monitoring this service.

For security reasons. This restricts access to the instance administrator towards the use of the service, and it’s also an appropriate way to allow the user to centralize control of other instances, as they can use the same registration as the first one.

A backup made in Issabel Network can be restored on a new Issabel registered with the same user and also with an active license. The backups from Issabel Network, which are located on, are ordered to download to the local IPPBX, and they are executed from the backup/restore module. This backup is encrypted with the admin key. When you choose to restore it on the local PBX, it asks for that key.

No, this service is not a Cloud PBX, the PBX remains local, an implementation of standard Issabel.

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