Issabel’s new ISO adds support for Asterisk 16

Issabel’s new ISO adds support for Asterisk 16

FLORIDA, January 2nd, 2020

Issabel the Unified Communications and Call Center platform announces the availability of its new ISO (Changelog updated on 1-2-2019) through

It offers better security through the RBL module, blacklist that is updated in real time; full API to improve the developer experience; a higher quality Text to Speech engine for Spanish; WebRTC extensions from the GUI; automatically delete old backups, exclude heavy items from automatic backups (recordings / records).

Also the new ISO adds the option to install Asterisk 16 Release 16.7.0, based on CentOS 7.7 and it includes the Codec G729. Also this version allows you to consult CEL reports to check the detail of the call flow.

Nicolás Gudiño, CTO of Issabel together with Germán Venturino, commented: “in attention to the huge Issabel community at Brazil and the volume of ISO downloads at Iran, Portuguese and Persian have been incorporated as languages of all messages. “

German Venturino, CPO of Issabel points out that through PicoTTS, Text to Speech has been added, so that the ad module can not only play recordings, but also configure the TTS text.

Issabel ChangeLog

  • Fix users allowed to see Extensions in PBX config even if they do not have ACL for it
  • Fix jabber clients unable to connect to prosody, by  generating a correct SSL certificate with the issabel hostname
  • Fix overwriting /etc/sudoers on install, causing potential issues in cloud instances like Amazon and the like during netinstalls
  • Fix unable to dial extensions on follow me or ring group by setting correct ownership in /va/lib/asterisk/agi-bin 
  • Fix recordings being removed when using queue continue destination
  • Fix Rate Reports on asterisk 13 by enabling CDR on sqlite 
  • Fix inability to set conference to “no limit” after being limited to some number
  • Fix retrieval of parked calls on Asterisk 13 and up
  • Fix tab index on Queue config page
  • Fix partial/incomplete translatable text 
  • Fix wrong clid characters on CDR when UTF8 characters where used
  • Fix changed IP notification when no external IP was set
  • Fix removal of time condition from ASTDB
  • Fix DNS timeout when no internet by setting hostname in /etc/hosts
  • Fix broken HTML when editing SetCallerID
  • Fix duplicate CDR in 13.22.0 by upgrading to 13.30.0
  • Fix DYNAMIC_FEATURES separator
  • Asterisk Log Parser fixes for Asterisk 13 and 16
  • Fixed main Issabel Menu not collapsing when editing PBX IVR
  • Allow long TLD on email verification (Fix on form validation on new virtual fax and other places when using .tld with more than 4 letters)
  • Sending Faxes with updated Ghostcript works as expected



  • Based on Centos 7.7.1908
  • Updated Asterisk 11 to version 11.25.3
  • Updated Asterisk 13 to version 13.30.0
  • Allow capturing patterns on IVR and store in IVR_DIGIT_PRESSED instead of single digit
  • Self Signed Certificate on install includes extendedkeyusage to please OSX Catalina and future OS
  • Default dial option set to T (and only T)
  • Improved/nicer First Boot setup process
  • Improved/more complete Spanish translations
  • Improved/more complete Brazilian portuguese translations
  • Added userfield to CDR reports, and some other fields to CDR CSV export
  • Much nicer/improved NetInstall Script
  • Improved ISO installation, with software selection, automatic region discovery, etc.
  • Include Advanced Settings and most core settings on Issabel menu, no need to go to unembedded IssabelPBX
  • Databases/Tables set to UTF8 instead of Latin1
  • Improved Style in Asterisk Logs module
  • Improved migration from Elastix. Faster and Better
  • Removed unused repositories
  • Rest API completed, includes all available modules and options
  • GeoIP database updated, using DKMS instead of boot script
  • Ability to automatically populate PBX menu from IssabelPBX modules using embedcategory section in module.xml file
  • Reindex Time Conditions on Delete to have Tidy feature code numbers
  • Enable mini http server by default (for webrtc)
  • Disable cel_radius module 
  • Detect Issabel version when checking online module updates
  • Change TTS engine in  text to speech module from Festival to PicoTTS
  • Calendar voice reminders use PicoTTS if available
  • Now Asterisk service is a full compatible Systemd unit file



  • Option to install Asterisk 16. Release 16.7.0
  • Codec G729 included
  • PicoTTS added (Text to Speech Engine)
  • Announcement Module can not only play recordings, but also you can configure TTS text via PicoTTS
  • Hardware Info on command line login banner
  • Issabel Community RBL Blacklist
  • New Extension type WebRTC from GUI
  • Exclude heavy items from automatic backups (recordings/logs)
  • Include callcenter database and FOP2 config on backups
  • Enabled DNS Manager in asterisk by default
  • Support for multiple parking lots
  • Boss Secretary IssabelPBX Module (must be enabled from module admin)
  • Trunk Balance IssabelPBX Module (must be enabled from module admin)
  • Dynamic Features IssabelPBX Module (must be enabled from module admin)
  • CEL Call Details on CDR Reports
  • Add option to auto delete older backups
  • PT_BR (brazilian portuguese) sounds/prompts package included
  • PR (persian) sounds/prompts package included
  • Web Theme for RTL languages (right to left)
  • Add Issabel GUI failed logins to apache Fail2ban jail
  • Autofill holidays function in Time Groups
  • Add ODBC functions support to dialplan (/etc/asterisk/odbc)


Boris Garfias, CEO of Issabel “Issabel permanently works to raise customers, users and partners experience, so we can contribute to their Digital Transformation strategy”.

The new ISO Issabel will be available worldwide starting January 2, 2020. And it can be downloaded at:

For more information please visit our website

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