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Issabel’s new ISO adds support for Asterisk 13

Issabel, the UC & CC platform based on Asterisk announced a new ISO (Changelog updated on 8-8-2018), which allows to select between Asterisk 11 or 13 on the OS’ Install GUI. This ISO, incorporates an updated version of Centos 7.5, security patches and support for 7th Gen Intel processors.

The development team led by Nicolás Gudiño, CTO at Issabel and the members of the open source community are constantly making new contributions to the code. This new ISO release offers software improvements, a new RESTful API for PBX configuration and granular access permissions to Issabel’s PBX administration.

“The technology innovations are arising. There are new versions of Asterisk, processors and new hardware that we must support. A new RPM was developed for the Wanpipe and DKMS drivers compatible with Issabel also available during installation time” commented Nicolás Gudiño, CTO of Issabel.

“In the Era of Digitalization, the requirement to respond to the needs of communication and integration are increasingly complex, so Issabel must evolve to continue its adoption and consolidated presence in the competitive business communications market ” said Boris Garfias, CEO of Issabel.

  • The ability to install updates of direct yum, Call Center CE addon and select wanpipe during the OS installation.
  • Configuring Asterisk Manager options from the web.
  • Configuring log levels from the PBX wrapper.
  • The option to record sounds directly from the browser (no need to use the phone or record previously).
  • Option Unallocated Numbers and SIT (info tone) in congestion messages.
  • Introduces the new IssabelPBX module, Write Queuelog, which allows additional information to be recorded in queue activity records to be used by statistics and reporting applications to provide more details or new metrics. For example, record the result of a survey applied to the end of the call in order to qualify the agents.
  • Introduced an improved “Select All” on the GUI as well as improved checkboxes.
  • Updated Issabel-framework with several visual fixes and frame resize on window resize.
  • Improved the translations on several modules.
  • Introduced the Dialplan Injection module to the IssabelPBX repository.
  • Introduced new Advanced features on the embedded IssabelPBX’s interface.
  • Added Queue Continue Destination (after agent hang ups) in the queue module.
  • Added Callflow control: force to write hints (BLF).
  • Added custom variables on setcid.
  • Fixed the Dahdi bug that prevented the compilation on multicore CPU environments through DKMS.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some of Asterisk 11’s addons to install.
  • Fixed Asterisk 13’s features and res_parking configuration issues.
  • Added Grandstream and Fanvil models to the Endpoint Configurator.
  • Added the overcommit outgoing calls option to the Call Center Addon.
  • Bumped the default Asterisk 13 version to 13.22.0 .
  • Fixed a bug causing the loss of some configurations when switching between asterisk versions.
  • Added Manager Settings to configure AMI general settings from GUI.
  • Added a feature that makes PBX menus dynamic, so any IssabelPBX module with the proper embed category settings will be automagically shown on the main wrapper template.
  • Added a feature for PBX menus that allows to grant permissions individually to the items.
  • Improved visual styles with pop overs.
  • Improved DynRoute module with sensible defaults and fixed visual glitches.
  • Fixed a visual glitch on the queues module.
  • Added rtcp_mux, force_avp and dtlsverify fingerprint to chan sip configuration to work with webrtc clients.
  • Updated the letsencrypt module for the new Centos release.
  • Improved letsencrypt so it sets server hostname with the issued certificate.
  • Fixed mixed content warnings on Addons Available module.
  • Implemented additional fields for the CDR on the Web Interface (unique ID) and on the exporting tool (uniquid, cnum, cnam, outbound cnum and recordingfile)
  • Several minor bugfixes.

“With the introduction of Issabel’s new ISO, we are improving the instalation process and enabling organizations to use the Issabel’s Unified Communications & Call Center Platform as a key differentiator to communicate with partners, suppliers and customers” said German Venturino CPO of Issabel.

The Issabel’s new ISO will be available worldwide in Q3, 2018. The new PBX RESTful API is available at

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