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Remote Administration of ALL your installed Issabel servers

Manage, monitor and backup all the Issabel servers you have deployed, from the CLOUD.

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Self-host equipment monitoring from a unified portal
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Check the active subscriptions of each Issabel server
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Acquire subscription to Add-ons modules
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Server usage statistics
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Alerts and notifications: traffic, server performance, etc.
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Back up the PBX cloud
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Remote PBX administration: create and deactivate extensions, call groups, etc.
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Add and Unlink Issabel servers

What is Issabel Network?

Issabel Network subscription gives you access to many useful modules and services.

Issabel Network, continuously monitors the UC Issabel Server in order to send alerts and notifications via e-mail, slack or telegram to the CLIENT / IMPLEMENTER in case the monitored parameters reach unusual values.

1. Server usage statistics: You can see the statistics of the last 5 minutes

2. Sending notification alerts

The e-mail in which the alerts, slack and telegram will be received is defined

From disk, you configure the threshold before which you want to receive the notification

a) Traffic alerts: The Issabel Network agent reports the routes that are configured, call thresholds can be configured by time intervals. The team checks how many calls were made on each route in a period of time. Different thresholds can be handled by switchboards in open or closed hours.

Verify the calls made by each route and notify if the defined threshold is exceeded. The trunk can be blocked in case of perceiving abnormal behavior.

b) Application alerts: Notifies if Asterisk crashes and other applications can be added

c) Web access alerts: Notify when someone connects to the Issabel website.

d) Notification history: All the notifications generated by the monitoring platform are displayed.

e) Black List: It is generated when the fail to band is activated.

3. Possibility of back up in the cloud:

The server is backed up allowing a restoration to be made on the same server or reinstalled from the cloud on a new server.

a) You can choose the components you want to back up.
• Music on hold
• Prompt that are in the PBX
• Etc

b) Weekly backups are scheduled to be carried out automatically

c) 3 weekly backups are stored.

d) Manual backups can be done instantly

e) Call recording and voice mail cannot be backed up

The backup is stored in the encrypted cloud using the same administrator password of the PBX from which the backup is being carried out.

4. Remote PBX management. With the administrator password

a) Remote GUI was added

b) Add or remove group or individual extensions

c) Change of user passwords

d) The PBX can be fully managed remotely from the monitoring server

Our Modules


Configuration Wizard

Great time saving module! Setup a batch of extensions and your outbound routes in a few seconds.

Theme Designer

Do you want to have your own color scheme and logo in the GUI? Now you can create your own theme directly from your browser!

Packet Capture

This is a great debugging tool. It shows network packet flow graphically, ideal to troubleshoot VoIP issues.

uPnP Control

Setup port forwarding quickly and easily without even touching your uPnP router configuration.


Web Console

Get acces to the Issabel command line from the Web GUI without exposing your SSH port directly from your browser.

Realtime Blackhole

Bump your Issabel PBX security with realtime filtering of aggresive IPs by checking a DNS based black list.

Two Factor Auth

Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to the administrative web GUI by adding a second time based factor to the login process that attackers can hardly guess.

Dynamic DNS

The Dynamic DNS service assigns your server a special and unique DNS name in Issabel's guru domain, and updates your public server IP address periodically, so you can reach your server using the same DNS name instead of a variable/changing IP address.

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