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The Issabel training program is the only official training source.
Most of our students are enthusiast and proffesionals of Linux-based information and systems, integrator os VoIP solutions and providers of closed source systems and analog telephony.

Each program is designed to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to master Issabel in a step-by-step way.


The contents are based on the work of developers, integrators and hardware manufacturist, extending the information to implement the platform in the companies.



The student will have to passed an online Exam at the end of each course. Is important to mention that the culmination of any course does not garanteed the approval of the Exam.



IT Professionals and Telecommunications with Deep experience on Issabel, Asterisk and more opensource solutions. The key value on Issabel training is to work on real production environments.



Each Course has been design in 4 Stages:

  • General Theory
  • Theory about Issabel Plataform
  • Real cases and practices
  • Tutoring

Each one  reinforces the learning of knowledge about Issabel



Gain Access to a community of dertified professionals…

Worldwide projects, to know and conect with fabricants and distributors linked with the industry of telephony and communicactions





Training Centers

  • Mexico City

José Ignacio Bartolache 1926, Del Valle, 03100, Coyoacán. Mexico City, Mexico.

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Open Source and Unified Communications partners created a new platform to provide the community with continuity, peace of mind and support needed to continue with their PBX and operation developments.