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Make team with us, boost your Growth and profit with Issabel, multiply the value your Customers Receive.

Ascend one, two, three or more steps far ahead of your competition!

The Open Source industry is a serious business, despite the aura of informality that “apparently” characterizes it, the open innovation business models allow companies to obtain maximum benefits in multiple axes at a lower cost.

In the field of Unified Communications, companies no longer have space to discuss whether or not they need them within the areas responsible for making strategic decisions because the market has simply made them mandatory.

Never before has been the best time for companies of any size to choose an open source solution to overcome their communication problems, provide them with mobility, multiple channels to improve their productivity and free up budget to use it in other activities that help to make profitable the business.

Partner Categories


  • Preferential access to Co-Marketing activities: Commitment of the company to work together marketing initiatives, so that they do not absorb all the investment or tasks.
  • Creates certainty, confidence and credibility in your current clients and prospects.
  • Get the support with which you guarantee your customers a direct relationship with the Company’s Factory Support.
  • Transforms that perceived image as informal from Open Source immediately into a Professional image by formalizing your partnership with the company.
  • We support your collaborators with a trustworthy help desk of Issabel who joins your operative team.
  • Increase your profitability by selling approved products, certified services or both of Issabel.
  • Receive the tools and materials we build to sell projects.
  • Continuous access to discounts and better prices closed to the general public in software, hardware, support services and training.
  • It has the professional support that supports you to provide the experience, quality and image that will work in favor of your brand with your customers.​
  • Access to NFR Kits (Not For Resale) for the promotion of products and services specially prepared for demonstration with attractive prices.​
  • We develop your vision to identify opportunities that you may be losing sight of.​
  • Preferential discount on services of Migration of platforms and brands towards Issabel.
  • Help your customers or prospects to migrate, and make attractive offers with cross sales and after-sales.
  • Receive materials for marketing with shared logo to open business opportunities.
  • Possibility of enlisting from a very low entrance or full barrier. Only Product, only Support or ALL (Product plus Services plus Implementations). Complement your portfolio separately by offering training and certifications.
  • Preferential access to Co-Branding: Product marketing, demand generation marketing, prospect generation generation marketing.