ISSABEL LLC Receives 2023 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award!

ISSABEL, LLC Receives 2023 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award


Shelton, CT, February 24, 2023ISSABEL, LLC announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named ISSABEL UNIFIED COMMUNICATION PLATFORM (SINGLE & MULTITENANT) as a recipient of a 2023 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award. 

Issabel Unified Communication Platform, is an Open Source Development now with aprox. +500,000 implementations in around 200+ countries, Our Platform supports PRI, BRI, SIP and other communication protocol. We have a Call & Contact Center Module with all the related functionalities for IVR, TTS, ASR, ACD for inbound and outbound, call and contact center, recording, multitenant, etc. 

Issabel is 100% compatible with any SIP open phone.

Issabel is open-source Unified Communications PBX software, providing user-friendly web-based configuration, management, and reporting for telephony. Modules providing predictive dialing, call and contact centers can be added. It is a fork of the open-source versions of Elastix, developed by the user/developer community when 3CX acquired Elastix, closed the community, halted distribution and development of the open-source versions, and released a proprietary version.

Issabel is based upon open-source version of ElastixAsteriskFreePBXHylaFAXOpenfire and Postfix and provides PBX, fax, instant messaging and e-mail server functionality.

Issabel is open-source software licensed under the GNU Public License.

We have the Single Tenant version and Multitenant version (focus in service providers – Carries) depending on the needs of our clients and / or distributors. We offer the market the acquisition options that make the most sense for your business scheme: Traditional Purchase / Sale – On Premise or as Managed Services / In the Cloud as a service. “Said Boris Garfias, CEO, Issabel.”

“I am honored to recognize Issabel, LLC with a 2023 Product of the Year Award for its commitment to excellence and innovation,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “In the opinion of our judges and editorial team, (ISSABEL UNIFIED COMMUNICATION PLATFORM (SINGLE & MULTITENANT) has proven to be among the best communications and technology solutions available on the market. I look forward to continued leadership from Issabel, LLC.

The winners of the 2023 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year will be featured in INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine online and on TMCnet.

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Issabel® is developed and managed by Issabel® LLC. company formed by a group of professionals from different countries.  

Our team is a leader in open source innovation with implementations and success stories in different continents. Our experience in developing these technologies has allowed us to develop, maintain and improve unified communications platforms.

Our team of professionals with the highest certifications is always ready to serve your company in the best possible way.


Provide innovative and excellent quality solutions related to opensource, to meet the technological needs of our allies, customers and distributors,supporting the achievement of their business objectives and creating new markets.

Offering the security of a manufacturer support and operation, as well as the offer of a unified commercial scheme and strategy,organized and supported world wide by the maximum representatives of the open source worldwide.


To be recognized worldwide as leaders in the development and implementation of innovative technological solutions in the area of open source.

Institutional values


  • Kindness and good customer service
  • Quality
  • Ethics
  • Agility
  • Loyalty

Regional Offices

The Regional Offices have the mission of contributing to the primary objective of the Organization which is to promote the use of applications based on open source, offering the security of a local manufacturer support and operation, as well as the offer of a unified commercial scheme and strategy, organized and supported worldwide.  

As the main representation of the project, each regional office also has the mission of fulfilling strategic objectives of the Organization:  

– Improve the quality and quantity of customer services that companies provide to their customers through the different means of interaction in an incredibly cost-effective way.  

– Guide our clients and channels to develop practical solutions of high value in their projects, with a feasible and verifiable return on investment.  

– Dispel the inaccuracy of concepts regarding technologies focused on customer relationship management, unified messaging and telecommunication.  

– Adopt innovative and flexible business schemes that are convenient for customers and distributors.  

– Achieve positive recognition by all participants (customers, suppliers, researchers, consulting firms) in the telecommunications and customer service market.

– The manufacture and delivery of “appliances” and telephones of the highest quality focused completely on the needs and requirements for which they were created, a better and efficient form of corporate communication, as well as the continuous innovation of solutions and products focused on our market.  

Encouraging and disseminating the use of products and applications based on open source is one of our main objectives; With the great pride of being a proudly Latin American company with relevance and exponential growth today worldwide.  

Each Regional Office, headquartered in major cities, has overall responsibility for guiding the operations of the region’s network of partners and distributors. This means providing an integrated vision, leadership, policy coherence, reinforcing the Organization’s strategy in the region, as well as ensuring the continuity and effective and efficient execution of training and training programs, as well as the development and monitoring of external partnerships.


Our Experience

The experience demostrated through the realization of projects for companies and institutions of high renown, lead us to present this new application scheme based on VoIP/SIP offering quality services and products with qualified professionals in the sector, with a clear objective towards the client, trust and satisfaction.

Issabel specializes in offering a personalized service tailored to the needs of the client, differentiated from the mere administration of computersystems, offering added values, analyzing and evaluating the realization of the defined service,establishing service level agreements and providing experience with work methodologies.

Our Services

The view of business has changed. Once again, companies are focused on the real economy. In this environment of increasing confusion,complexity, competition and little differentiation, customer experience becomes a factor of ut most importance for the world’s leading companies. As business models become more sophisticated, companies must focus on their core functions of distributing products or services and creating branding, neglecting the task of managing the customer experience.

In Issabel “We obtain competitive advantages for customers by the use of state-of-the-art technology that we have and offer, which includes everything that the client would like to have internally, plus the definition and strategic design of the services they want to provide to their customers”. Whether you want to increase the revenue potential of every customer contact, retain the most important customers longer, expand global reach ors imply focus on core business activities.

Issabel customer service offers customers complete customer service solutions (technological and operational). Our experience and knowledge are the reason why the main companies in the world trust our solutions, being our motto and priority, the loyalty of their customers.

Boris A. Garfias Rau



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