Issabel Is SourceForge ‘Staff Choice’ Project Of the Month

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August 3rd, 2017

Issabel Is SourceForge ‘Staff Choice’ Project Of the Month

Great news for the Issabel Community!“The free, secure and fast downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory”

The nice ladies-n’-gentlemen that host the Issabel ISO distro have chosen our efforts and had given the status at their homepage of…

August 2017 – Project of The Month

What does this mean?

For The Open Source Community:

This is a biggie for Dev and IT guys… Your job and countless hours of working inside the Issabel software is paying off!

Issabel is growing and stepping up strong.

Are you doing business at the expense of Issabel software?

Well… those are great news! More functionality, more software evolution and less bugs.

So, this benefits your business.

For the Companies:

In human-readable style, this means the application is being tested by a bunch of engineers, it’s used in many businesses in production mode, and because of this:

Many eyes, hands and nerve cells are caring for the Issabel platform:

To make it stable.

To make it useful.

To make it a nice communication tool.

To make it The Great Open Source option.

For the Final Users:

Four words – “Communicate easily with people”

That’s it.

Thank you for your support and…

Many thanks to the SourceForge Team.

Developer Team, at Issabel

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