Issabel, explosive growth that recorded more than 100,000 downloads

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In August of 2017, chose Issabel Distribution ISO as proyect of the month. Just a year after this distinction Issabel announces it has surpassed 100,000 downloads.

Today, Issabel is used in more than 57 countries in the world and it’s high-range “appliance” communication servers business offer is distributed throughout 7 regional offices to support integrators, partners, specialists and those responsable of resolving business communication necessities by counting on the most felxible, trustworthy, secure and competitively priced unified comunications platform.

Issabel, the best chance to do business

The value and flexibility that open code solutions offer, has resulted in more and more technological and business communications patrons to start incorporating open code platforms and solutions.

According to Asterisk, “Nowadays, more tan one million communications systems are based on Asterisk in more tan 170 countries. Asterisk is used by most of the companies listed on Fortune 1000. Often integrated by developers and system integrators.

Issabel, integrates all existing means and channels inside the business spectrum in the same platform of unified communications.

Issabel software is installed on Linux based on CentOs. Said installation integrates the functionalities of Centralita of Asterisk and Issabel PBX user web interface which makes it´s configuration easier as well as many different functioning communication programs.

Advantages with Issabel

  • It integrates a complete functionality for PBX, IP telephony, mail servers, fax servers, conference rooms, instant messaging services, etc.
  • Video conference service: “Issabel Meet”.
  • Call Center functionality.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • License free.
  • Functionalities in development.
  • Offers a wide variety of third party add-ons through Issabel market place.
  • Integration of the most used CMR suites.
  • “Appliance” communication servers which are able to hold from Little businesses to big corporations.
  • Security and flexibility.
  • Certified technical support.
  • Training program.
  • Channel programs that allow them to grow and be more competitive.

Issabel Multitenant

PBX Multitenant solutions for service providers that allows:

  • Shared installation for multiple enterprises.
  • PBX, recording, analythics, BBDD, WebRTC, API, amongst others.
  • Gestions DID´S, extensions, queues, IVR’s amongst others.
  • Simple or scaleable architecture.
  • Easy to use, with no necessity to use manuals.

Issabel facilitates developers tools to innovate in the creation of a new functionality, modules, and simplify the configuration and the implementation of responsi-ble communication, IP specialists and integrators. It simplifies meetings and conferences to further improve collaboration and teamwork between employees, partners and clients.



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