Issabel Certified Partner

Description: this Category, is for companies that are dedicated not only for moving Boxes, they also have the personal to make implementations as long they can give support to any Issabel User, this is the ideal type of Partner because you are allowed to do almost everything.

Remember, you most have at least 1 Person with ICA and ICAE Certification

The things this Category allows you to sell are:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Implementations
  • Mantainance
  • Support


1) Solutions

Diferent size hardware for any sixe of enterprice. A plataform that allows you to personalize the communication and attention between collaborators, providers and most important: Customers.

Access to a global community of experts on technology of telecommunications that backup the software and hardare plataform.

2) Help desk

Help with identification and dimensioning of projects with your clients. Intern meetings for the design of big solutions that may need some kind of development that are not included on the Issabel Hardware or Software.

3) Training

Training and Certification Programs to make professionals with the skills and knowledge to understand and personalize Voice Solutions, Video and Data about IP.

4) Tools

  • Lead assignations according to your attention capacity
  • Marketing Kit
  • Curses
  • NDA’s for Business opportunities protection
  • Webinars
  • VIP access to industry events
  • Hardware Kits
  • Partners Portal
  • Tecnical Documentation
  • Manuals
  • Consult Forums and Collaboration




Custom Developments20%
Support Hours20%
Marketing MaterialYES
Pre-Sale and Post-Sale SupportYES
Leads ReservationYES
Presence on Issabel’s Web PageSemestral Fee $150 USD


Support Pack Optional
(5 hours Bundle) 24×7
Partnership Contract Signature Required
Issabel On your Web Page Required
Sales Quota Not applied
Demo Starter Kit Appliance + EndPoints (Optional)
NFR Form